Automotive OEM-Approved JyPrene™ TPV Compounds Worldwide

JyPrene TPV is used by Tier 1 suppliers to make a wide variety of weather sealing systems and other parts for automobiles, trucks and RVs.

JyTech Polymers compounds thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) for Tier 1 suppliers of automotive weatherseals in Asia and North America. TPV custom compounding is all we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the world.

Each recipe of high performance JyPrene™ rubber-plastic compound is customized to the flexibility, compression set, finish and processing needs of that part. No need for the weatherseal supplier to modify the design to accommodate the material, as is often the case with off-the-shelf TPV and other specialty elastomers.

And since the JyPrene™ TPV at the core of the formula has already been validated by major OEMs around the world, no new OEM approvals are necessary.

Any way you mix it, JyTech Polymers means good chemistry.

Your TPV Recipe for Success