White JyPrene™ TPV pellets

JyPrene™ TPV. An environmentally sounder choice.

TPV offers environmental advantages over EPDM every step of the way, from processing, through lighter weight performance, to recyclability.

TPV can reduce part weight by as much as 30% to help improve fuel efficiency. EPDM processing generates VOCs, carbon particulates and at least 15% unreclaimable scrap. TPV is processed without generating VOCs or particulate emissions. Scrap is 100% recyclable and directly reprocessable. If and when the vehicle is scrapped or repaired, the TPV sealing system can be recycled.

• No VOC emissions, little or no chlorine

• Reduced CO2 emissions

• Scrap is 100% recyclable
        TPV: 4% maximum
        (All TPV scrap is technically recyclable)
        EPDM: 15% minimum

• No lead, no nitrosoamines

• Weight reduction of end product improves fuel efficiency

• JyRTPV™ technology removes junk tires from
   waste stream/landfills

• Safer environment for employees, community

• End products are recyclable

• Less energy consumption in the manufacturing process:
        Energy Usage/Line
        TPV: 80kVA
        EPDM: 250kVA

Greener Standards for
Corporate Social Responsibility

JyTech Polymers’ corporate policies mirror LEED standards to guide all
renovations, expansions and new plant construction, even for facilities in
offshore countries where tight environmental standards do not apply. The
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building
Rating System is the United States’ accepted benchmark for the design,
construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.